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Eric 'MC KANNON' Guinn

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It's a Rap



It's a Rap



Eric M. Guinn's new book "It's a Rap" is a real-world, rhythmic piece of literature.

Page Publishing

Recent release "It's a Rap" from Page Publishing author Eric M. Guinn has many intense and enjoyable rap stanzas that are sure to tingle the readers spine.

Page Publishing

Eric M. Guinn, a Colorado Native now living in Florida, and devoted writer and author, has completed his new book "It's a Rap": a gripping and potent work that shines light on many of today's issues. Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Eric M. Guinn's pulsing tale will rock the reader to the core as they enjoy the rhythm of the raps.

Page Publishing

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Eric McKannon Guinn was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on the 13th of September 1978. At age 3 he moved to Herndon, Virginia and spent his formative years there until he was 12. As his mum's English, he moved to Manchester, England with his sister and lived there for 2 years... until he moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1993. He attended several magnet schools there but eventually received a GED and joined the army for 2 years. Since, he's traveled and attended colleges on the west and east coast pursuing an environmental engineering degree, and currently can be found in Jacksonville where he is trying to start a business that would market and regulate green vehicles, while in turn establish the necessary infrastructure. He is currently looking for partners and anyone who wants to join the team. All the best to you out there!!!



Check the latest, random rhymery I'm calling "B Side Poetry" in my Blog!
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